Finding marcena's Path

Line Dancing By Lavender

​"The Lavender Experience"

 My name is Marcena Strain, but on the dance floor/in the line dance community, I am known as"Lavender". I got my start dancing when I joined the Raines High School Marching Band Vikette Dance Team. Ever since, I've had a special affinity for various forms of dance. In 2011. I found myself looking for an activity to enrich my life and keep me physically active after the loss of my Brother in May 2011 and my Mother in August 2011. I had a gym membership that wasn't getting used and I was desperate to find a way to make working out fun. I saw a Line Dancing class open for sign-ups and thought to myself "Wow", line dancing could be fun". I was in love with line dancing after the first class. I loved that line dancing allowed me to not only participate with friends and family, but it also allowed me to participate independently, without having to rely on others. I also loved that no matter how I felt going into a class, I always felt amazing coming out. I always got a great cardio workout, had a great time laughing at myself (always in good spirit, of course), learned countless new dances, and met some amazing people along the way.

After some time, I began to realize that I had natural talent for line dancing. I was really light on my feet, I learned quickly, and I developed my own unique swag/style. People often asked where I got my endless energy for dancing from. No matter where I am if I hear music, you can bet I'm dancing. Beyond the dancing, I began to notice that I was not only connecting with people in a positive way, but also with teaching people with my unique style and sense of humor. So, I decided that I wanted to take my newfound love, along with the talents I'd  discovered, and use them to help improve the lives of others.

Today, I'm proud to say that my classes are so much more then just dance classes. In my classes, we are building meaningful relationships, lifting each other up through encouragement, and sharing the joy that comes with getting your groove on to some good music together. And while many of us are having too much fun to notice, we are all getting an outstanding cardio workout. So, if you like meeting new people, making new friends, learning to line dance, interested in adding to your current line dancing skills, and getting your groove on while you exercise, my class is the place to be!


2015- Line Dancing By Lavender Line Dance Class(Became a Line Dance Instructor).

2016- Line Dancing By Lavender Line Dance Class evolved into THE LAVENDER EXPERIENCE(CLASS) AND THE BIRTH OF TEAM LAVENDER.

2016-Present- Team Lavender Events

2018-Team Lavender Fallback 1-day Workshop & Line Dance Party

2019- Guest Instructor (Intermediate Level) at NOLA Southern Experience.

2019-The Lavender Experience 2 Day Line Dance Weekend

2020-UC Star Awards Presenter: Category (Southern Regional Dance of the Year) 

2023-The Lavender Experience 2 Day Line Dance Weekend